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Praise for the Cows Can’t Series

"The delightful picture book 'Cows Can't' series will prove to be an entertaining delight for children ages 4-6. All four of these wonderfully entertaining and original picture books are unreservedly recommended and certain to be enduringly popular additions to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections." MidWest Book Review »Read full review
"Already on my list of all-time favorite picture books" Berger's Book Reviews »Read full review
"Recommended by early literacy organizations, the Cows Can’t Series offers little learners and beginning readers familiar, reassuring, and fun encouragement as they begin learning the structures of language and developing confidence in their own skills. The books would be welcome additions to home, classroom, and public library collections for read aloud story times or for beginning readers." Celebrate Picture Books»Read full review
“As soon as I opened Las vacas no pueden saltar I knew it would be perfect for any bilingual or Spanish classroom. It has a perfect combination of fun words and adorable illustrations. Undoubtedly kids will adore it and not realize they are actually learning! Overall, this is a fabulous book and I highly recommend it.” Fabulous Classroom »Read full review
"Will fast become your child's favorite bedtime story." Family Literacy and You »Read full review
“We love Spanish books and this one is so adorable, super cute and a must read! It helps children learn that everyone has their own special and unique gifts. They also learn how to appreciate diversity! The illustrations are so wonderful. 5 out of 5 stars." Bilingual Lifestyle » Read full review
"Will become a classic of early childhood literature." Candy's Raves
"What I love about this book is it can easily be enjoyed by a baby, or a preschooler, and everything in between. I shared this with my youngest son's speech therapists, since making animal sounds is a precursor to talking, and they loved it as much as I do." Beautiful Books
"Just by reading these books, my son has managed to figure out how to deal with blows to his self-esteem." McCrenshaw's Newest Thoughts »Read full review
“The book’s predictable language structure is great for beginning readers. Little ones are able to catch the pattern of the text. Don’t be surprised if they start guessing what will happen on the next page!” Bicultural Mama »Read full review
“Perfect for young listeners and early readers. Young children will learn the names of dozens of animals and be exposed to rare vocabulary — reinforcing early reading skills. Reading bilingual books can promote biliteracy, inclusivity, and multiculturalism through storytelling, expressions, and illustrations.” Nene Bilingüe »Read full review
“Outstanding picture books — lots of PreK learning opportunities with the Cows Can’t Series. Features rich vocabulary very young children are unlikely to encounter in everyday conversation. The illustrations are a highlight.” Storytime Standouts »Read full review
"Quickly embraced by my children. Grab a copy!" Kabongo
"5 Stars. A beautiful book. I love how it can help children appreciate all kinds of diversity." Beautiful Books
"So incredibly delightful to read and fun to look at. A wonderful bedtime story. A really great book to develop the love of reading!" Grandma's Guide to Life
"We adore this book and definitely recommend it along with Cows Can't Quack" As We Go Along »Read full review
"Charmingly illustrated...inspiring message...a great book to read out loud" Shelf Unbound
"A delightful book for young children." Booking Mama »Read full review
"I highly suggest you check out both titles today!" Social Studies Mama »Read full review
"My daughter loved it from her very first read. A perfect book for preschool-aged children." Book Dads
"Your child will delight. Colorful and fun illustrations." Lynette's Book World »Read full review
"Simply Moo-velous!" Media Darlings »Read full review
"Illustrations are beautifully done and the wording is simple and catchy." Non-Creative Mom »Read full review
"A fun book to read aloud to young children. Filled with action verbs. Very positive message." Mad for Reading »Read full review
"I highly recommend this book for toddlers through early readers. It's entertaining when read aloud, and also has wonderful vocabulary for readers just starting out." Book Addict Katie
"My girls just love this book and it has become a new staple in our daily reading!" Hands and Home
"Perfect bedtime book. The expressions on the animals' faces, and the colors of each page are just astounding. This is as much an adult book as it is a kid book, it really is up there on my favorites list of kids' books!" n.c. baby blog »Read full review
"This vividly illustrated picture book will entertain your little ones over and over again." Just Children's Books »Read full review
"One of my favorite children’s books. This could easily become a family bedtime tradition" Farmgirl Writes »Read full review
"A fun book to read aloud and perfect for playtime...will engage preschoolers and developing readers alike" The Reading Tub »Read full review
"The cutest book ever! It's so entertaining! From start to finish Cows Can't Jump is engaging, fun, silly, and just completely delightful. I don't think I've ever rated a book I've reviewed, but this one gets a full 5 stars out of 5." Arms of a Sister
"You have to read this book" AgWired »Read full review
"Delightful...bright and playful...fun for everyone...teachable moments on every page" Wrighty's Reads »Read full review
"Great book for beginner readers. I love the simplicity...it fits both of my children, ages 5 and 2." It's a Mom Thing
"My little boy loves this book. I had to read it to him ten times the first time I showed it to him. A great children's book!" Brookside Reviews
"Perfect for engaging young listeners. - Making my children laugh while they are learning is an added bonus!" Luxury Reading
"Cows Can't Jump just makes me smile" Girls in the Stacks
"An excellent book" Books4Learning »Read full review
"This book works great as an early reader or as a baby book. I highly, highly recommend it!" The Picture Book Review »Read full review
"Hilarious. Parents will love sharing this quick fun read." Kristi's Book Nook
"A fun story...fabulous bright and colorful illustrations" My Four Monkeys
"A sweet, cute, and hilarious book!" Pragmatic Mom
"I really love it...a great book" SMS Book Reviews »Read full review
"So cute!" Busy Working Mama
"A great book" The Cozy Reader »Read full review
"They aren’t just fun and educational, they also teach an important value… keep reading!" Callista's Ramblings »Read full review
"A winner for your toddler or early reader." Media Darlings »Read full review
"Great book to give to the kiddos in your life." Booking Mama »Read full review
"A fun read that will delight children from infancy through the early elementary school years." Luxury Reading
"Incredibly charming. A big hit with preschoolers and early readers." Best Blog for Kids Who Hate to Read
"Two fun filled books...both sure to become time honored classic picture books" That Bald Chick »Read full review
"I actually liked this book MORE than Cows Can't Jump. LOL." Classic Children's Books »Read full review
"Just as adorable and fun as Cows Can't Jump!" Social Studies Mama »Read full review
"Two of the most charming children's books you can imagine!" Lynette's Book World »Read full review
"Author and dad-of-three DR has done it again! This short and sweet book for preschoolers is fun and will have everyone smiling." My Four Monkeys
"Delightful sequel to Cows Can’t Jump. I highly recommend Cows Can’t Quack" Bergers Book Reviews »Read full review
"This one may be my favorite!" Grandma's Guide to Life
"Great book! Preschoolers will love both the simple, easy to understand sentences and the colorful pictures. Parents will love the message." Candy's Raves
"I highly recommend these two books. My little guy absolutely loves them both and so do I!" McCrenshaw's Newest Thoughts »Read full review
"My 4 year old grabs the book after I read it and says 'This is the best book!' Every home with small children needs a copy." Year of Jubilee Reviews »Read full review
"Another winner...definitely a book to buy and give as a gift." AgWired »Read full review
"It's very simple but that is what makes it so great. This book is easy to read again and again." SMS Book Reviews »Read full review
"Both books quickly made it to the top of her favorites list!" The Mama Experience
"Absolutely adorable. Great for little ones just starting to read, they're a great length too" The Domestic Geek Blog
"Simple sentences and silly colorful illustrations make learning and comprehending easy and fun." Kristi's Book Nook
"A fun book to read to children. My daughter's friend clapped at the end and smiled throughout the story." Arms of a Sister
"Entertaining read aloud...humorous illustrations and engaging text." Book Dads
"Good news. There is a sequel called Cows Can't Quack" Mad for Reading »Read full review
"Another book by DR that my son adores! One of our favorite books to read. Excellent bedtime story." Brookside Reviews
"A great read. Both parents and children will enjoy it." Non-Creative Mom »Read full review
"I highly recommend this book, AND it has a sequel - Cows Can’t Quack, a companion explaining the sounds that animals make." Book Addict Katie
"My girls were just as thrilled with it as they were with Cows Can't Jump. It is perfect for my early reader." Words At Home
"Author DR and illustrator JAM did it again with another charming book that's suitable for any age." Wrighty's Reads »Read full review
"Dave Reisman has done it again with Cows Can't Spin Silk! It's amazing how my boys not only read these books over and over again, they also seem to embrace the animals as characters unto themselves." Amazon Review »Read full review
"My 3 1/2 year old is so excited there is a 3rd book in this great series (see Cows can't Jump and Cows can't Quack)! The theme throughout the series is wonderful: each animal has something they can't do but then something they CAN do. I think it's comforting to kids to see that everyone has something different and special to offer." Amazon Review »Read full review
"Wonderful new book in the series. My 15 month old daughter loves this book. We've almost worn out the first two and she was so excited to receive this new board book. This book introduces many new animals that she doesn't see in other stories as often. I'm sure these books will be a favorite in our house for a long time!" Amazon Review »Read full review
"The newest Parent-Child Home Program favorite! Younger children will learn new vocabulary, problem-solve -- and laugh too -- as they find out which animals can shape tools, form dams, or hammer holes. This is a simple, clever book that will get even the youngest children thinking and predicting what will happen on the next page." Amazon Review »Read full review