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Jumping Cow Press

Jumping Cow Press publishes engaging, entertaining & enlightening picture books for young listeners and early readers ages newborn to six years old, and actively supports charitable organizations that further the cause of early childhood literacy. Books in the “Cows Can’t” series have received universal praise such as “The next Goodnight Moon”, “Will fast become your child s favorite bedtime story”, “A new staple in our daily reading”, “Will become a classic of early childhood literature” and “On my list of all-time favorite picture books”.

By listening to and reading these humorous, engaging and vibrantly illustrated picture books, young children will learn the names of dozens of animals and their actions, sounds and creations. Each book imparts a subtle but powerful message of diversity, respect and tolerance, teaching that all living creatures have their own special skills and talents, and it’s okay to not be able to do everything.

Cows Can’t Jump and Cows Can’t Quack are featured on the Recommended Books list of the award-winning early childhood literacy organization Parent-Child Home Program.

Jumping Cow Press actively supports literacy programs that aid children and families in need. By partnering with a direct-impact foundation, Jumping Cow Press has provided tens of thousands of copies of Cows Can t Jump and Cows Can t Quack at no cost to Parent-Child Home Program, Reach Out and Read of Greater New York, Reach Out and Read of Los Angeles, Pajama Program, Literacy, Inc. (LINC), Get Georgia Reading, Read to Grow, Kids Need to Read, Raising a Reader and Read by 4th Grade, all of which integrate the “Cows Can’t” series of books into their renowned early childhood literacy programs.

Dave Reisman

When lawyer and father of three, Dave Reisman, learned that “cows can’t jump” he knew “this had to be a children’s book.” Reisman wrote Cows Can’t Jump about the things that we aren’t able to do, but also the special talents that we all also have. Shortly after, he wrote Cows Can’t Quack about unique sounds some animals can’t make that others can. The third book in the series, Cows Can’t Spin Silk, was released in Fall 2016 and is all about the creations animals make.

A native of Yorktown Heights, NY and the third of four brothers, Reisman grew up creating and publishing and writing for all sorts of outlets throughout his educational and extracurricular life. He created a comic strip with a friend while in middle school. He wrote for the official high school newspaper and published an alternative high school paper. He published health and safety brochures in college. And wrote for the law school newspaper at UCLA. Early in his career, Reisman launched a media company with a friend that published a magazine and card game and had a website.

In 2006, between jobs, Reisman learned cows couldn’t jump and got to work researching animals and the things they can do, putting together the structure of his first children’s book. Then, in his quest to find an illustrator who could add color to his story, he connected with artist and illustrator Jason A. Maas, his children’s elementary school art teacher, who jumped at the chance to collaborate.

After learning that his books were sparking imagination and inquiry, and after reading a piece in the Wall Street Journal by Steve Cohen http://www.reachoutandread.org/FileRepository/The_Wall_Street_Journal.pdf on the importance of early childhood literacy and the work of an organization called Reach Out and Read, Reisman committed to seeing his books used by programs that aided underprivileged children and families in literacy and education.

He connected with Reach Out and Read, the Parent-Child Home Program and most recently The Read by 4th campaign in Philadelphia and Get Georgia Reading in Atlanta, all of which utilize his books in their early childhood literacy programs.

Reisman says the most rewarding aspect of writing this series is creating something new, being proud of the final products and seeing how the books are so well received by children, parents and literacy experts.

Parents and children love the “Cows Can’t” series, saying:

“The next Goodnight Moon. Cows Can’t Jump is a sheer delight”

“This is not only my 6-year old daughter’s favorite but one of mine too. It is simple yet rich with education, color and fun.”

“The book is imaginative in the way that it makes concepts about diversity so accessible to young people, using humor and simplicity.”

Jason A. Maas

Jason A. Maas is a classically trained figurative painter and founder of the Artists Volunteer Center, which he created to inspire artists to get out of the studio and participate in social causes, when his Red Hook, Brooklyn studio was swept with seven feet of water during Hurricane Sandy.

Prior to becoming a full-time artist and activist, Maas was an elementary school art teacher. When Dave Reisman, author of the “Cows Can’t”series, proposed Maas create the art for the books, Maas was serving as Reisman’s children’s art teacher at XXXX School

Inspired by the books’ message and observing a synergy between their content and his teaching approach, Maas created the art for the books using the method he used in the classroom, teaching kids how to create complex figures by utilizing shapes and letters they already know. What resulted were simple, playful and funny illustrations of some of our favorite uniquely-talented animals.

Maas’s intent with the illustrations was to create simply figures that convey the ability to do something and conversely not being able to do something.